PolaLux - Simon Schubert

Art of Art. Sculptures from artist Simon Schubert photographed with a Polaroid SX70 Camera.

Art of Art
Simon Schubert is an artist who is international exhibited and collected. He is known for his "paper-foldings" and his sculptures and installations. I focussed on some of his sculptures.
Schubert's sculptures elude any hasty classification as well. Faces vanish behind long, opaque hair. They avoid one’s eyes, regardless from whatever perspective the beholder is approaching.
His work fascinates and disturbes at the same time. The effects of the Polaroid SX70 boost this visual trip up.
Shot on a PX70-film, thanks to Impossible Project.
I scan the polaroids, massively enlarge them (up to 82 x 100cm) and finishe them behind plexiglas.

More about Simon Schubert: www.simonschubert.de
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